Mesh Banners

  • Vinyl mesh banner with eyelets and kedar.
  • Vinyl mesh banner with reinforced eyelets on a portable grandstand
  • Vinyl mesh banners with sleeves and rods
  • Vinyl mesh banner with sleeves on a stage truss
  • Polymesh banner on temporary fencing
  • Vinyl mesh banner on a cyclone fence
  • crowd control barricade with mesh banner
  • Polymesh banner on scaffolding
  • Polymesh banners on scaffolding, grandstands and crowd control barriers
  • Polymesh banner on grandstand
Mesh banners are commonly used at events, construction sites, on temporary fence, grandstands and scaffolding to reduce wind loading. Mesh banners are available in two different substrates: vinyl mesh and polymesh fabric.

Vinyl mesh is a durable heavy-duty substrate, therefore, more suitable for long-term outdoor use where extra strength is required.

Polymesh fabric is more suited to events and short-term outdoor use. It is lightweight, washable, easy to handle and transport.

Mesh banners can be finished with reinforced eyelets, sleeves and kedar to suit sailtrack.

  • Reduced wind loading.
  • Lightweight.

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Mesh Banner Specifications

polymesh fabric


vinyl mesh fabric

Vinyl mesh

Product Information

100% knitted polyester

Product Information

PVC coating to knitted polyester
UV stabilised
Fire retardant

Printing Method

Digital direct mirror-image

Printing Method

UV curable digital single-sided

Physical Data

Weight: 110 gsm
Gloss level: Matte

Physical Data

Weight: 300 gsm
Density: 12cm x 12cm
Gloss level: Matte

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Projects with Mesh Banners

Mesh banners are excellent display solutions if you’re looking for an outdoor banner or a banner that is light and can be easily hung on fences or buildings. Their durability and design mean they can stand up to any Aussie weather conditions. These banners are also very versatile which makes them extremely popular for people across a wide range of industries.

They can be used for outdoor sporting events, festivals, construction sites and more.

Features and benefits of Mesh Banners

What makes these banners so popular is their durability. They’re weather resistant, and won’t be ruined when left outside for long periods of time. In addition to this, they happen to be extremely lightweight and versatile. This makes them easy for you to transport around as you please.

You can set them up at your outdoor event, then pack them into a car and take them to the next event. And, thanks to the unique mesh design, tiny holes in the banners allow sunlight to pass through. These tiny holes also allow the wind to pass through too. This helps to avoid something called the ‘sail effect’ with your banners. They won’t flap around in the wind either, they stay rigid and firmly in place.

We supply a range of custom mesh banners. Here are two of them.

#1 – Crowd Control Mesh Banners

These mesh banners are ideal for sporting events and festivals. They can be wrapped around protective barriers, helping to control crowds. You often see these used during marathons to stop people running onto the course. Instead of a blank protective barrier, you can display a brand for all to see.

Alternatively, you can print directions onto these mesh banners. Then, use them as directional signs to help move crowds moving in the right directions and use the banners as a source of navigation. It’s this unique flexibility that makes our mesh banners so sought after.

View images and learn more about our Crowd Control Mesh Banners

#2 – Printed Fence Mesh Banners

Printed fence mesh banners are perfect for turning a boring fence into something spectacular. This product is very popular in the construction and event industry. Companies use mesh fence banners to brand any fences they use to section off a site. But, they can also be used for other purposes too. If you have an unbranded fence, then putting a fence banner will automatically turn that into an advertisement display.

View images and learn more about our Printed Fence Mesh Banners