Pull Up Banners

Difference between a Deluxe and a Classic

Deluxe Pull Up BannerClassic Pull Up Banner
Black powder coated aluminium.
260mm wide base for extra stability.
Anodised aluminium.
70mm wide with two folding feet.
Size850mm to 3200mm wide with a height of 2120mm850mm or 1200mm wide with a height of 2020mm
PrintsPrinted on a non-curl 510gsm vinylPrinted on a non-curl 510gsm vinyl
Warranty5-year warranty1-year warranty
QualityThe highest quality pull up stand on the market todayShort-term, cost-effective pull up stand
Carry bagHeavy-duty padded carry bagBudget carry bag
VideoDeluxe versionClassic version
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Some people might call these roll up banners, pop up banners, roller banners, retractable banners, pop up stands, stand up banners, vertical banner stands, roll up posters, roll up signs or retractable displays.Pull up banners are an easy, cost-effective solution to promoting a company, product or brand. In the past, they have been used by a wide range of businesses at a variety of events. These include trade shows, retail and music festivals. Pull up banners can be put up in just seconds and can be printed with any image, design or logo. Images printed on the banners are of the highest quality to ensure that the promotion stands out, even in a competitive environment.

The banners are easy to move, adjust and setup making them perfect for use in industries with promotions that constantly change. The graphic can also be replaced, and this allows the frames to be used over and over again. With one purchase customers will have a product that they can use for all their promotional needs. Our customers have used pull up banners for many different uses in their industries.


In exhibitions, pull up banners have been used to create eye-catching displays and capture the attention of a wide crowd. Business exhibitions such as trade shows are a highly competitive environment. Pull up banners are used by businesses to make sure their brand gets the attention it deserves. Pull up banners may also be used to promote the exhibition as a whole. They can be set up indoors or outdoors, depending on the needs of the trade show organizer.

Shopping Centres

In shopping centres, pull up banners are often placed at doorways and entrances to ensure they immediately capture the attention of the buying public. They may be used to showcase a new shop that is opening in the centre or a deal that is currently on. Due to their stylish designs, pull up banners can also be used as a form of decoration as well as promotion in shopping centres. They may have the logos on of different shops in the centre, or the logo of the shopping centre as a whole. They can also be used to draw the customer’s attention to their favourite brands.

Car Dealerships

Pull up banners are used in car dealerships to promote a new car on sale. Or, to display offers on cars and price drops. They are often popular in car dealerships because they are easy to erect and take down. As such, it’s easy to use a pull-up banner to advertise a new car that is available to buy.


In conferences, pull up banners are often used to showcase key names or companies that will be attending. They might also be used to display the time and location of the venue in different areas nearby the location. For instance, pull up banners may be used around transport links close to a conference venue.


Pull up banners are often used in retail to promote products that may have special offers or that could be on sale. They can also be used to display the images of certain brands that the shop owner wants to draw attention to. In just a few seconds, a pull-up banner can be erected with the image of product customers will want to buy.


Pull up banners are often put up at events that attract publicity and media attention. Pull up banners may be set up to bring attention to a red carpet event. Or, they can be put up with prints for brands that are sponsoring the event that is taking place.