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A media wall is the perfect display solution for your business if you’re looking for a wide horizontal display. Perfect for press conferences, red carpets, and exhibitions. From a wide pull up banner to a Triga-built media wall which can be curved, we can help you with that. At Selby’s, all media walls come with a high resolution graphic that can grab the attention of visitors.

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What you need to know about Media Walls

Some people might call these media wall backdrops, pop up media walls, media wall banners, event backdrops or media wall printing.

Media walls are a brilliant display option and if you need a wide display to act as a background. Commonly, a media wall is used during a press conference, or as the backdrop for an exhibition stand. There are different media walls to choose from, including the classic pop-up look, and a premium curved wall.

To make your media wall even more effective, it will be complete with a high-quality graphic of your choosing. This could be your brand logo, a simple message, or anything else you have in mind.

Features and benefits of Media Walls

One of the main features of a media wall is its size. These displays are very wide and impossible to miss which leads to maximum exposure. A lot of companies use them for press conferences and have their brand logo printed on it multiple times in a step and repeat format. Thanks to the positioning and size of the wall, everyone is forced to see the logo at all times. It reinforces your brand and creates more awareness.

Depending on your situation, you may want a particular media wall type. We have multiple types of media walls that can help you out:

Pop Up Media Walls

A pop-up media wall is great if you need to get things set up fast. They’re perfect for business events and exhibitions. You can get these in two different sizes, and they’re easy to put up and fold away. The fabric print included is of the highest quality possible, and can also be washed. Excellent for companies that spend a lot of time attending different events.

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Pull Up Media Walls

Pull up media walls are similar to pull up banners. The difference is in their width. A pull-up media wall is a lot wider and covers more space. This means you get more exposure for a product launch or impromptu press conference. They’re easy to pull up, and come with a carry case for transportation.

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TRIGA Media Walls

These media walls are unique as they can be both straight or curved. Using a high-quality fabric banner, a curved wall gives, even more, exposure. Common uses for these include indoor billboards, press conference backdrops, and exhibition screens. They’re ideal if you have a long event and will be in the same place all day long. Plus, the fabric prints are extremely detailed and will succeed to get your brand and message across.

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WaveLine Media Walls

WaveLine media walls are considered to be the future of advertising displays. They can be up to 10ft wide and can be built to a variety of shapes. Despite their complicated appearance, they’re easy to set up without needing any tools. The result is that you get a large area to promote your message and increase brand awareness. WaveLine media walls are being used by companies across the world and in multiple industries. They have the best effect when used at a product launch or press conference.

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