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Projects with marquees

About Marquee Tents

Pop up marquees are commonly used to promote businesses and brands at an event, often outdoors. They have become very popular with business owners due to their low cost, fantastic mobility and lightning quick setup times. Once you have arrived at an event, a pop up marquee can be set up in minutes, ready to sell your product.

Your marquee can also have unique prints to ensure it gets your brand the attention that you need. With a high-quality print on the marquee, you can make it eye catching, attractive and interesting. Pop up marquees are used at a wide range of events including music festivals, business exhibitions, and trade shows. There are a few choices to make if you have decided to purchase a pop up marquee. It all depends on the requirements that you have for marketing a product or a specific brand.

Pop Up Marquees

Pop up market marquees could be a brilliant way to promote your brand or business. Due to their size, they will immediately capture the attention of anyone in attendance. Their aluminium frames are durable, build to withstand any number of weather conditions. Due to their scissor action, these marquees can be set up in minutes, ready for a brilliant promotion. They are also lightweight and easy to move, making them the perfect option for businesses on the go. You can move between multiple events, bringing your marquee in tow.

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Printed Gables

Printed Gables are massive marquees that can accommodate a huge crowd of people. They can be erected anywhere and will immediately draw the attention of the public. Printer Gables can be as large as 25 metres in size, and due to this, they take a little longer to set up. However, the larger size gives you increased marketing potential. The huge area can be used to display a full-size image, associated with your brand. Designed to be eye-catching, these marquees have been used at most major events.

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