6 Benefits of Tension Fabric Displays

One of the biggest reasons why clients prefer tension fabric displays is because of its frameless (or near frameless) look.

Compare the media wall on the left vs the one on the right.

  • Left media wall – You can see the frames on the sides. Plus, the print looks a bit saggy.
  • Right media wall – You can’t see any frames at all and the print is tensioned.

Here are the 6 benefits of tension fabric displays.


With a tension fabric display, the fabric is tensioned / stretched which removes any creases and fold marks from the banner. Unlike a vinyl banner if you don’t pack it properly or roll it up, you will have creases and fold marks on the banner which requires quite a bit of work to remove.

Cheaper to transport and easier to store

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Transporting fabric is easy and affordable because (i) fabric is light and (ii) it can be folded which takes up a lot less space which means depending on the size of your banner, you don’t need to pay a logistics company to transport it for you.

No glare with fabric

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One of the reasons why fabric is the most popular material for media walls is because fabric doesn’t reflect light unlike vinyl.

Changing graphics is easy

With tension fabric displays, changing graphics is easy. You don’t require any tools and you also don’t need to hire a professional installer to do it for you. Compared to switching over the graphic for a pull up banner, doing it on a tension fabric display is a breeze.

Here is a video showing how to install and remove a print on a fabric frame.

Backlit option available

When you want maximum impact, go backlit. It never fails to grab attention. With a tension fabric display, you have that option available to you. You can get a backlit media wall, backlit banner stand, backlit wall-mounted banner, etc.

Summary – The benefits of tension fabric displays

  1. A more professional look
  2. Crease-free
  3. Cheaper to transport and easier to store
  4. No glare with fabric
  5. Changing graphics is easy
  6. Backlit option available

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