Top 12 Countries In The Printing Industry

Ever wondered which countries have the largest printing industry in the world? Number 1 and 2 might not surprise you but the rest might.


Here are the top 12 countries with the largest printing industries:

  • #1 USA
  • #2 China
  • #3 Japan
  • #4 Germany
  • #5 UK
  • #6 France
  • #7 Italy
  • #8 India
  • #9 Brazil
  • #10 Canada
  • #11 Spain
  • #12 South Korea

What about Australia’s printing industry?

Australia is in the top 20 with an industry size of around $7-8 billion. Even though, we are not in the top 10, the most important thing is Australia’s printing industry is growing. With emerging technologies like 3D printing, the whole printing industry is constantly evolving. As one of Australia’s leading printing company, we are at the forefront of this evolution.

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  2. Gary Newton

    The important thing is which country invented print and finishing techniques, which country produces the highest quality products, which country has the very best people in the trade and which country supplies the very best print and finishing equipment.

    That country is Germany, always has been and always will be.

    As for the Southern Hemisphere, Melbourne Australia is the home of the printing industry as they have the most print companies, the best people and equipment and the most experience. These listings relating to economic basis mean nothing, its the knowledge, quality, equipment and experience that matters most, not which country has the most.

    1. Ryan Mulcahy

      For the western world, I would say Toronto, Canada, or Chicago, U.S.A, are the two top locales for the printing industry. Both are home to many large multinational printing corporations, and some of the largest commercial print businesses in North America.

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