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About Exhibition Displays

At a trade show, the main goal is to get the interest and attention of as many attendees as possible. To do this, you need an exhibition stand that is attractive, stylish and eye-catching. Using different signage options can be a brilliant way to ensure that your brand gets the attention it deserves.

When you attend an exhibition, the hall will be covered with booths for different brands. You need to make sure that your brand stands out from the rest. At Selby’s, we have a wide range of exhibition displays for you to choose from to build an outstanding exhibition stand.

Modular Exhibition Stands by TRIGA®

With an assembly time of just minutes, our modular exhibition stands are a great portable option. With a variety of different shapes and sizes, the stand can be customised to match the needs of the buyer. Due to its reusability, these modular exhibition stands, in the long run, are a cost-friendly option for an exhibition.

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Fabric Exhibition Banners

For high-quality images that can cover a wide area, fabric banners are the best option. They can be used to decorate a wall and completely dominate a location. Due to their premium look fabric banners have become popular at exhibitions for showcasing new brands.

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Teardrop Banners

Teardrop banners will capture the attention of an exhibition audience at eye level. They are impossible to miss and are easy to setup. Due to their unique shape, they are eye-catching and are often double-sided with mirror images.

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Fabric Banner Frames

Fabric frames can be mounted on the walls, free-standing or hanging up. An elegant signage option, fabric frames are brilliant for an indoor environment. They look beautiful and support high-resolution graphics to ensure the message is not lost.

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Corflute Signs

One of the most cost-effective signage options for a trade show would be corflute signs. Due to their lightweight build, they can be set up and bought at lower costs. Similar to teardrop banners, they can be double-sided to ensure they reach the widest audience.

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Pull Up Banners

Pull up banners are one of the fastest signs to set up at an exhibition, popping up in just seconds. They offer great flexibility and can be moved around easily. They can be taken down and re-erected as the user pleases, offering complete control over promotion.

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Floor Graphics

One area that is typically underutilised at an exhibition is the floor. With a floor graphic, you can tap into an unmarked area. Floor graphics have become more popular at exhibitions because they are so unique and they can also be applied to a wide variety of materials from carpets to roads. With high-quality images, it could be a great way to send a message.

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Trade Show Hanging Signs

Hanging signs are incredibly popular at an exhibition. They immediately seize the attention of the audience and can be used to direct people to a certain area. Another good thing about these hanging signs is that they are incredibly durable and can be reused over again and over again.

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Printed Tablecloth

Printed tablecloth designs can make an exhibition booth more attractive while increasing awareness of a brand. These printed tablecloths are pristine in quality and are a simple yet effective marketing choice.

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