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Portable Counters are lightweight and ideal for use at events, exhibitions, trade shows and promotions, in-store product demonstrations or wherever the need for a quick and easy to assemble display table arises.

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Some people might call these portable exhibition counters, small portable counters, display counters for tradeshows, expo counters or portable kiosk.

Portable counters represent a convenient way to generate table space. It’s a display table you can set up and bring with you wherever you go. They’re commonly used at events, trade shows, product launches, and conventions. A portable counter can be fully customized to meet your requirements. This includes a full-colour wrap to add a personal touch to the counter. You can even get your company logo emblazoned on the front in a high-quality graphic.

Features and benefits of Portable Counters

A portable counter gives you a unique way to set up a display on the move. You can travel to events and easily take one of these with you. They’re quick to assemble, saving you plenty of time when getting ready for display.

One of the best features of our portable counters is their ability to hold heavy loads. You can place up to 80 kg on one without it struggling at all. To add to this, the counters themselves only weigh 15 kg, making them easy to move around without requiring a logistics company to do it for you. Behind the counter, there’s also an internal storage shelf to keep things on. It’s the perfect place to store products or keep things hidden before a big reveal.

Portable counters add a professional touch to any occasion and is an asset for any event. We have two different types of counters, each of which has its own special features and benefits.

TRIGA Portable Counters

TRIGA is one of the most popular manufacturers of exhibition equipment in the world. Their portable counters come in various shapes and sizes. What makes this interesting is that they’re ideal for indoor and outdoor use. A lot of people have success using them outdoors for marketing initiatives. They’re easily packaged in a carry bag making your life much easier. The TRIGA portable counters can be set up in a couple of minutes. Add graphics and your brand logo to increase the overall effect.

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WaveLine Portable Counters

WaveLine portable counters are unique in that they use a fabric graphic. They’re set up using support poles and two pieces of plastic – one as the base and one as the countertop. Then, the fabric graphic is pulled over everything and zipped up, giving a snug fit. The overall effect is quite unique from other counters out there.

These counters are also much slimmer than traditional ones. They’re the perfect compliment for any exhibition stand. Many companies enjoy using them as a welcome counter during their events too. Plus, you can buy multiple counters and arrange them as you wish, giving an interesting and unique effect.

The fabric graphic is printed in high-quality, and to your desired specifications. It can also be washed and reused, ensuring you get great value for money from your purchase.

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