Feather Flags and Banners

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Our feather flags are highly visible, versatile and effective display solution for indoor and outdoor applications. Feather flags are light, compact and easy to erect.

Selby’s advanced printing methods produce feather flags with the most vibrant and accurate colour reproduction to best represent your company, brand or event.

Sizes (view image)

2.5m 3.4m 4.7m tall


  • 2 years warranty on the feather poles.
  • Carry bag included.
  • Mirror image and double-sided feather flags available.
  • Multiple base options available.
  • Fast turnaround time.

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Feather Flag Demonstration

Feather Flag Specifications



feather flag sizes


Product height



Product height



Product height


Shipping size

1560mm (L)
200mm (W)
150mm (H)

Shipping size

1560mm (L)
200mm (W)
150mm (H)

Shipping size

1560mm (L)
200mm (W)
150mm (H)

Flag Print

Mirror imageDouble sided
feather flag single sided printfeather flag double sided print
  • More cost-effective.
  • Faster turnaround time.
  • More durable than a double-sided flag.
  • Reads correctly from both sides.
  • Option to add a different design on each side.

Base Options

Spike Base


The spike base can be used on soft surfaces such as grass, dirt areas, sand, snow and gravel.
Cross Base


Folding cross bases are sturdy and can be used indoors or outdoors. Additional weight can be added by using a water weight or a weighted bag.
Eco Cross Base

marquee flag mount

Eco cross bases are the economical option to our standard cross base. Additional weight can be added by using a water weight or a weighted bag.
Flat Base


The flat base is ideal for semi-permanent applications. It is 500 x 500mm and weighs 15 kgs.
Wheel Base


These wheel bases slide under the car's wheel which gives it a lot of support. The wheel base is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Water Weight


The water weight is an accessory for our cross bases and flat bases. It weighs 12kg and provides addditional stability.
Fixed Mount


Fixed mounts have a 100mm square base and can be screwed or bolted onto any surface.
Weight Bag


Weighted bags are an accessory for our cross bases and flat bases. They weigh 5 and 10kgs.
Marquee Mount

marquee flag mount.

Marquee mount attaches to the pop up marquee legs.
Water Base

marquee flag mount.

The water base is ideal for semi-permanent applications and can be filled with sand or water. It weighs 20kgs when fully filled up.


2 years warranty on feather flag poles

What’s Included

Print for your feather flag
Fiberglass pole
Carry bag
Choice of base options (Optional)


We have a small (2.5mH), medium (3.4mH), and large (4.7m) size.

We can either print single sided mirror image reverse, or true double sided right reading both sides.

The flags are printed on polyester fabric, with an elastic pocket for the pole (black elastic only).

The poles are flexible carbon fibre, multiple pieces that fit together.

If you have purchased hardware from Selby’s then we can produce replacement flag skins to suit your existing poles. Our flags may not fit poles from another supplier.

A lot of people do this but we do not recommend it. There is only a very short length of pole at the bottom of the flag to tie off to. Also the flag can get twisted if the pole cannot rotate in the wind.

Generally Feather Flags last 3-6 months but this is very much dependant on weather conditions. Storms and extreme wind can cause flags to deteriorate faster.

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Protection Guarantee
Time permitting, if your order is lost or damaged in transit, we will reprint and resend it at our expense.

Projects with Feather Flags

Some people might call these feather banners, wind flags, sail flags, swooper flags, flutter flags, feather signage, bow flags, bow banners, ozz poles, bowhead flags, wind feather flags or blade banners.

Commonly used in outdoors events, sporting events, retail storefronts, real estate, and car dealerships.