Comparing different types of out of home advertisements

Score for each
1 – Less than $10,000
2 – $10,000 to $100,000
3 – Over $100,000

1 – Local
2 – Statewide or equivalent
3 – Nationwide to worldwide

1 – Everyone
2 – Location-based
3 – Niche-based or interest-based

These scores take a broad overview of each marketing channel.

StrategyCostReachReach Quality
Sponsoring a sports team
Sponsoring a sporting event
Attending trade shows
Sponsoring a trade show or conference
Street flags
Bus shelters
Outdoor company signage
Flyers and brochures
Bus, train and car wraps
TV advertisements
Radio advertisements
POS displays

All costs can fluctuate. For example, sponsoring Real Madrid will cost a fortune while sponsoring your local football team will cost much less.

Examples of offline advertisements

Sponsoring a sporting event

Trade shows and exhibitions

Fence wraps for outdoor events or construction sites

Street banners

Outdoor portable displays

Large company signage

Company signage with corporate flags

Offline vs Online

The table below shows the advantage offline ads have over online ads.

Review time – How much time a customer spends with an adY
Stimulation – An emotional reaction to an adY
Memory – Quickly and confidently remembering an ad source and contentY
Desirability – A subconscious desire for the product or serviceY
Valuation – The subconscious value a customer places on the product or serviceY

Source: Postal Service Office of Inspector General (OIG)

With offline ads:

  1. A customer spends more time viewing the ad.
  2. They remember the ad better.
  3. It improves their desirability for a product or service more than online ads.
  4. The product or service is perceived to be of higher value.

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