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Some people might call these exterior building signs, metal building signs, outdoor building signs, apartment building signs, lighted building signs or architectural signage.

About Building Signs

Building signs can add kerb appeal to a commercial property, attract customers or clients and expand your brand. With a sign on your building, customers and interested parties can see what it is and what you have to offer. If the sign is attractive or stylish, customers may be drawn to explore your business more. As such, the right building signage could lead to increased foot traffic for your company. These are just some of the benefits of having building signage.

You can also ensure that your building looks more interesting and eye-catching. If you find your business is not getting the level of the attention you want, the right signs could turn things around. It is also useful if your building is in an unpopulated area. Or, if you are close by to other businesses that offer a wide range of competition.

Building signs can be a useful marketing tool. You can use signs on your building to demonstrate a concept or convey an idea about your business. For instance, you might want your business to appear friendly and welcoming. With the right signage, this is a distinct possibility. A sign with bright colours and large writing could certainly generate this impression.

There are a few different types of signage for you to choose from for your building.

Acrylic Building Signs

Acrylic signs can be cut in any shape and come in a variety of sizes and colours. They look modern and sophisticated and will really stand out on your building. Acrylic signs are easy to install and stand out on any surface. They are commonly used as an office sign or even for a reception.

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Aluminium Building Signs

Aluminium building signs are perfect if you want signage that is long-lasting and durable. These signs are typically used to promote and display a name or business brand. High resolution, custom images can be used to promote your business brand to the masses.

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Corflute Building Signs

Corflute signs can have a digital image printed for your business and can be used as a 3D promotion outside your building. Large and colourful, these signs are sure to attract the attention of passersby. Corflute signs can be folded and bent into any shape you want, making them the perfect marketing material for a unique marketing display.

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Fence Banners

You can also surround the whole area of your building with a fence banner. This is a brilliant way to market your building or property from every angle. It will be particularly useful if your business is near any roads and makes your fencing more attractive. The banner can be attached to the fence to make the most of massive marketing space. The banners are lightweight and are often used for promotion during events such as races.

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Flag Poles

Flag pole signs can be used to grab attention from near and far. With flag pole signs you can make your business attractive from a distance and ensure that people can find your company. Typically, these signs are used outside local service businesses such as car dealerships to attract customers travelling past on the road.

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Vinyl Building Banners

Vinyl banners are perfect for adding a little colour and life to your building. With a premium look, vinyl banners can be used as large marketing materials outside a building. Attached to the walls, they can provide powerful, high-quality images for your business or brand.

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Wall Banners on Buildings

If you are looking for even larger signage, you can get wall banners. They can cover the entire area of one side of the building. There is no possibility of customers missing this type of promotion for your company. The graphics used will be kept to a high-quality level to ensure the message behind the promotion is not lost. These building signs can be displayed on the interior or the exterior.

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Wall Decals on Buildings

If you have an unused, dull and bland wall on your building, you can purchase a wall decal. A modern signage option, these can be used for artistic displays and stunning imagery. Wall decals will often be seen on the exterior of a building, promoting a particular product or brand. Gorgeous digital images can be printed on the decal, designed to catch attention.

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Window Decals

Window decals for buildings can be applied to the interior or exterior of a building. They are the perfect way to use a prime marketing location and ensure customers don’t miss your message. Window decals are easy to install, replace and come in a wide variety of different sizes. An entire large window can be covered, or a small advert can be placed in the centre window of a business building.

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