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Some people might call these car dealer banners, auto dealer signs, car dealership signs, car for sale signs, used car for sale signs, automotive signs, car yard banners, car lot signs, or automobile banners.

As a car dealer, you are probably aware that during a sale, first impressions count. You need to dazzle and capture the customer’s interest as soon as they approach the dealership. They already need to be thinking about what car they want to buy, before they have been shown around. Signage is used around car dealerships to guarantee fantastic promotion and a great first impression.

Signs can be used to display popular car brands, new deals on vehicles, price cuts and special offers. They can even be used to decorate the dealership and promote the business as a whole. A full size, pristine image of a luxury sports car will certainly make customers want to buy. There are quite a few different signage options available for car dealerships.

Custom Flags

Custom flags can be created and designed with the print of any brand or logo. Most dealerships have multiple custom flags around the property to draw in passersby. They can be used to highlight various models of their cars.

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Fabric Banners

Fabric banners can be used to display life-size images of dream cars and luxury automobile. These can be placed across the dealership window or on one of the walls. The sheer size of these banners gives them massive marketing potential.

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Fabric Banner Frames

For small images that still capture attention, banner frames may be used. These frames are often put up to showcase the different parts of the vehicle such as the tires in a decorative design. The frames are lightweight and can easily be moved to new locations around the dealership.

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Feather Flags

Most customers coming to a car dealership will be travelling on the road rather than walking past. If you want them to stop and check out the cars you have for sale, you need something eye-catching. Feather flags blow in the wind and this movement often grabs the attention of drivers.

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Flag Poles

Flag poles can be used to raise marketing materials to new heights. With a product like this, car dealership owners can attract wide attention from people on the roads. This is particularly important if the dealership is in an area where there are low levels of foot traffic.

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Floor Graphics

Car dealership floors are often pristine, but they can also be white and plain. This is a massive missed opportunity of marketing space because you can use floor graphics to make them more exciting. With these graphics, you can have images of the cars on sale on the floor or the brands that are available. It makes the dealership more interesting and exciting for customers.

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Pull Up Banners

Prices and deals in the automotive market change rapidly. Therefore, it is essential that different promotions can be replaced quickly. With pull up banners, this need is taken care of. These banners can be erected in seconds and the graphic is interchangeable.

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Rectangle Flags

Rectangle banners are wide enough to showcase a variety of images including a new car on sale. They can be placed around the perimeter of the dealership to encourage potential buyers to have a look inside. With the right base, these banners can also be safely left outside.

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Teardrop Banners

Due to their unique shape, teardrop banners are perfect for attracting the attention of new car customers. They are also commonly used to showcase a new deal for a car and can be printed double-sided to achieve maximum brand awareness.

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Wall Banners

For a massive display that buyers simply can’t ignore, wall banners can be used. A wall banner can cover the entire surface area of a wall with a lifelike image of a stunning vehicle on sale.

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Window Decals

Car dealerships often have massive windows to put cars on sale under the best light possible. These windows can be used for window decals that showcase, bright, colourful marketing imagery. The one-sided image still allows for people inside to see out of the dealership and for light to flood in.

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