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Running an event can be incredibly rewarding, but its success relies heavily on the guests. Therefore, promotion ahead of the special occasion is vital.

As such, choosing the right marketing displays for it should be a top priority throughout the planning stages. Not only should those items increase the awareness, but they should also make visitors want to attend. Meanwhile, on-site products can go a long way to improving the event too.

With a wealth of options at your disposal, there’s nothing to stop you seeing great results. Here are some of the most effective products available.

Fence Banners

Fence banners turn your ghastly boundaries into effective marketing tools. These are usually a lot taller than crowd control barriers which increase the effect they have at your event. A fence banner can display your branding for all to see. They’re commonly used to join different areas of your event together or shield things from view.

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Floor Graphics

Floor graphics have many brilliant uses in an event setting. You can print advertising material on the floors inside your event to help promote your brand. They can be cut to any shape you want and attract guests to different areas of the event too. There are also outdoor floor graphics too that can be printed on pathways and use as directional signs to lure people inside your event arena.

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Inflatable Marquees

Inflatable marquees don’t only offer shelter from the weather. These eye-catching marquees also offer widespread appeal and can attract passersby. Whether it is to promote a specific part of the event or the day as a whole doesn’t matter. For marketing and practicality purposes, they are ideal.

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Market Umbrellas

Market umbrellas are a practical and effective way of advertising during your event. They can be erected in seconds and provide coverage for outdoor stalls and booths. A must if your event takes place outside as they can protect you from the elements. You can also add your branding and graphics to market umbrellas so people can spot them from far and wide.

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Media Wall

A media wall is a perfect accompaniment to an event booth/stand. It provides a great backdrop to help you promote your products in a more professional manner. Position them behind your booth for the best effect. As an alternative, you can use them to display your brand logo when holding a press conference at your event.

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Mesh Banners

Mesh banners are a great option if your event is in a difficult location. They can help visitors find the venue by directing them towards it. Moreover, those advertisements build excitement before they’ve even entered the main event itself.

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Rectangle Flags

Rectangle flags stand tall and will not go unnoticed by passersby. Event organisers find that they are great for promoting competitions and schedules. If the design incorporates the logo at the top, your business will literally stand above the crowd.

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Street Banners

Street banners can be a great way to promote the event throughout the local area. They come in a variety of styles, materials, and sizes. Ultimately, though, they are designed to add familiarity and keep your business fresh in the mind of your target audience. As a way to build excitement during the lead up to the day, this is easily one of the best options.

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Teardrop Banners

Teardrop banners are particularly pleasing on the eye, and offer a lightweight and versatile product. They are ideal for a variety of marketing purposes and can be plotted in various points. Being at eye level ensures that they will get noticed too.

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Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners are sturdy enough to withstand the wind and adverse weather without losing their appeal. They are ideal in windy conditions and are less likely to be damaged by vandals due to the materials used. They’re easy to install and are perfect during the build up and the event itself.

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Directional Signs

Directional signs are often referred to as wayfinding signs. As their name suggests these signs are used to help point your guests in the right direction. They’ll often be cut in arrow shapes to direct people to the right place. Perfect if you have a large event and many different areas for guests to enjoy. They help things move a lot more smoothly as everyone knows where they’re going.

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Corflute Signs

Corflute signs are a great form of temporary signage that you can take to any event with ease. They’re made from lightweight plastic and are weather resistant making them ideal for outdoor events. You can place these signs at the entrance to welcome guests to your event. Companies often use them to display informational signs at an event.

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Crowd Control Banners

Crowd control banners can transform barriers and perimeter fencing to promote the event. It keeps your event safe without decreasing the impact that it has on the consumer. Moreover, they are robust enough to handle the weather conditions. Alternatively, they can be used to promote the event advertisers.

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Feather Flags

Feather flags look stunning and are able to withstand rough wind conditions to keep your event or festival looking great at all times. Their inexpensive nature means you can link several items for the same purpose. They can also be used to promote the event itself, specific items on sale or advertising partners.

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