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In the real estate and property industry, no matter if you’re a home builder like Metricon or a commercial property developer you want to attract as many potential clients as possible. One of the most effective solution to this is advertising displays. From custom branded fence wraps to towering banner poles to enhance your brand exposure or even a simple custom a frame sign, we can help you with that.

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Real Estate and Property Signage Projects

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Some people might call these real estate sign boards, real estate banners, real estate flags or realtor signs.

About Real Estate Signs

If you are selling or developing real estate, commercial or residential, you want to attract as many prospects as possible. You need to ensure that the homes you are building or an area that you are developing in is generating interest. Home builders and developers use signage to do this. If you want to spread the word about a new property, you need to think about passersby and vehicles on the road. The best way to send them a message is to use signs with clear images and text.

With real estate signage, property developers can send clear messages about their project. They might even attract early interested buyers. For new build houses, it is particularly important to let people in the local area know the houses are on sale. Signage is a cost effective way of ensuring that new properties get attention on the real estate market. There are few different signage options to choose from here.

A Frame Signs

A frame signs are simple, small and effective ways to market a new home or development on the market. They are often used to promote show homes and entice buyers to step inside. Easy to set up and cheap to purchase, they are one of the most common signs in the real estate industry.

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Banner Poles

For a wide reach, signs are needed that are higher up and more attention grabbing. Banner poles can be set up around a housing development site. These flag signs are durable and designed to grab the attention of property buyers in the area. They are particularly useful if the development site is near the main road.

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Corflute Signs

Corflute signs are made out of material that is adjustable and flexible for any usage. A clear digital print can be displayed on the sign, and they can also be double sided. You will often see corflute signs used over the entrance of a development site to attract interested parties.

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Feather Flags

With a unique shape and a highly durable design, feather flags will sustain any weather element. This makes them perfect for signage outside at high altitudes. They can be set up on poles around a development site, or they may be attached to new builds. They are particularly eye-catching due to their movement in the wind.

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Fence Banners

Fence banners are often used to tease a new development site. In the middle of development, a housing site can look ugly and unattractive. Fence banners can be used to make them more attractive while also sending a message. They might have printed text such as ‘now in development’ or a number that passersby can call.

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Flag Poles

Flag poles can be utilised to raise a sign higher and thus catch more attention. They may also be used to ensure that signs cannot be vandalised or destroyed. Aluminium flag poles are sturdy, strong and lightweight, making them easy to setup and install.

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Mesh Banners

Mesh banners are useful if you want to allow people to see the development site while still promoting the properties on sale. Passersby can see inside but the mesh could still have a clear image or message printed on top of it. Highly durable, these banners are perfect for a work environment such as an area where housing is under construction.

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Rectangle Flags

Directly at eye level, rectangle flags will attract the interest of people passing by. Strong and sturdy, these flags can send a message while still being flexible enough to withstand windy conditions.

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Vinyl Banners

Offering a premium look and long lasting promotion vinyl banners can be put up anywhere to market new real estate opportunities. They are also available with anti-graffiti covering to ensure the sign is not damaged while in use.

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