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In today’s competitive business world, creating a great first impression is one of the most important aspects of any organization. Without question, street displays are one of the most effective displays at your disposal. After all, they can set a positive tone before the customer has even stepped foot on your premises.

Any opportunity to grab the attention of your target customers should be grabbed with both hands. Unfortunately, if you fail to take advantage, you can bet that your competitors will. As such, street displays can quickly become a valuable part of your marketing and advertising strategies.

The term street display can cover a variety of different products. They’re all designed to capture the imagination in an effective and professional manner. Here are just some of the options:

Banner Poles

Banner poles stand tall to create a winning impression time and time again. Using the same design several times in a small space forces home your message with far greater authority. Whether it’s used for an event or brand promotion in general, the awareness that you will be generating will be huge.

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Cafe Barriers

Cafe barriers are the perfect item for gaining the attention of passersby. With a landscape dimension, they are a great option to be used to promote your brand. Alternatively, use a design that covers both sides for an even greater impact.

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Fence Banners

Fence banners can brighten up any location. They are most commonly used in construction sites to promote an upcoming property. In fact, you can use a design that displays what the new area of the building will look like upon completion.

However, that isn’t the only use case. Fence banners are also commonly used in sporting events and festivals.

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Flag Poles

Flag poles are excellent marketing displays to brighten up an outdoor area such as a car park or other external spaces both on site and off. Use it to promote an event or a product around your surrounding area.

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Floor Graphics

Floor graphics transform your flooring by giving them an added sense of purpose. Given that the customer is already inside, this is the perfect chance to promote your products and services.

Another advantage of floor graphics is that it can be used as a road decal which can be useful during a sporting event or any outdoor event.

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Mesh Banners

Mesh banners are a fantastic product for turning unappealing areas into something far more attractive. Customisable dimensions also ensure that you have intense levels of control at all time. For this reason, alone, they offer fantastic branding potential.

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POS Flags

Point of sale flags are the perfect addition to brighten up any retail store. Customers will often see these throughout the transaction process. With this in mind, it’s a great option for promoting add-ons and extra services such as loyalty rewards. After all, repeated business is one of the keys to long-term success.

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Street Banners

Street banners can be used to gain new interest from people within the local vicinity. They’re particularly useful for community events or business promotion days. Using multiple banners to repeat your message can have a huge influence on potential customers.

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Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners are lightweight and easily transported, meaning you can use them on your premises or external venues. The simple installation and removal make them ideal for promoting sale events and offers that will only run for a limited time.

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