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Some people might call these wall decals, media wall, wall graphics, wall banners, wall backdrops, logo wall, hoarding wall, custom wall signs, curved banner wall or custom wall banner.

About Wall Graphics and Signs

If the walls of your business or shop are bare and bland, then you could be missing a huge opportunity, literally. The walls of your business are a massive area that could be used for marketing, promotion or even to increase brand awareness. You would be amazed the impact wall marketing and promotion could have on your business.

If you market outside using your walls, you can attract more customers and clients. You may find that your levels of foot traffic increase, simply because more people are taking notice. They will see that your business is offering something on the market and they will want to explore the possibility. Indoor wall signage can help make a business look more attractive and exciting. With clear images and stunning displays, you can encourage more sales for your company.

Acrylic Signs

Acrylic signs are one of the ways you can brighten up your walls and make them look more impressive. Inside or outside, acrylic signs are a unique way to attract more interest to your business. With a wide range of different colours and shapes available, acrylic signs can be designed to suit your needs.

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Aluminium Signs

Aluminium signs are perfect for outdoor signage options. They will stand the test of time and stay strong, no matter what the weather’s like outside. The image or text won’t fade, and they will still look brand new, year’s later. Due to the lightweight design, aluminium signs are cheap to buy, making them cost effective for small business owners.

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Backlit Signs

You can add a new layer to your wall marketing materials with backlit signs. Backlit signs make an image look three dimensional and are incredibly eye catching. You can set up a backlit sign anywhere on a wall for a unique marketing opportunity.

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Corflute Signs

Corflute signs are completely customisable, portable and can be set up anywhere. They are incredibly light and as such can be taken down or re-erected with ease. Corflute signs are perfect if you want to use your walls for a promotion that will constantly be changing. You will often see them being used on shop floors.

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Fabric Banners

You can cover the entire area of a wall with fabric banners. Fabric banners can be set up on the interior or exterior wall of the building. Despite their size, the printed graphics are high-quality images. You can use fabric banners to ensure you are making the most out of a massive wall area.

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Fabric Banner Frames

With fabric banner frames, images can be set up on the wall for promotional purposes. They can then be taken down when the promotion is over. The frames weigh very little, so owners have no issues changing the images and prints as their promotions evolve.

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Fence Banners

You might have a large perimeter wall or fence around your property. Make the most of this with a fence banner. Fence banners are great for teasing a new product or promotion. Their colourful and stylish design have made them a hit with customers and owners.

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Media Walls

Media walls are a fantastic way to bring attention to your brand. The horizontal signage can stretch for metres and can even be designed to curve. Due to this, it’s possible to cover a wide area using one attractive image.

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Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners can be hung on a wall to bring attention to a sale. Their glossy style is sure to attract the attention of customers walking by and a brilliant way to decorate unused walls. Vinyl banners can be used for years without any sign of wear or tear.

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Wall Decals

If you are looking for something more elegant and eye catching, a wall decal might be the best option. It’s the perfect way to display high quality, grand sized images and gain interest for your business.

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