Window Banners and Signage

One of the most underutilised advertising spaces that millions of businesses and organisations are missing out on is their windows. From a simple door sign to display your brand to passerbys to huge window decals to promote your latest product line, we can help you take advantage of this opportunity.

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About Window Signage

Windows are an area of promotion that often have untapped potential. Most windows of businesses and stores are left blank, boring and dull. Instead of using them to their full potential companies leave them blank. Window promotions and signage could be a brilliant way to market a business to the masses. If they have stylish, well-designed window banners, you can attract clients and customers passing by.

Building windows can also be used for a specific promotion or to advertise a new deal from the company. The signs can be replaced, removed, adapted and improved depending on the needs of the company. It is a simple, easy way to increase the marketing potential of any business. There are a few different signage options that can be used for marketing in windows.

Corflute Window Signs

Corflute signs can be placed inside or on the exterior of the window. Due to their lightweight design and their complete flexibility, corflute signs can be used on any window. Images and text can be digitally printed on the corflute to ensure a clear and crisp image.

Using bright colours and graphics a sign like this could capture the attention of anyone walking past. You can print either an image or message on your sign. It is also one of the most cost-effective options for a promotion, compared with other, larger signage options.

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Window Fabric Banners

Fabric banners are signage options that can be used to cover an entire window. These banners can be fitted to the window inside a building, ensuring that they are protected from the elements. These fabric banners allow for high quality, pristine images to be printed and are an elegant window signage option.

Due to their light weight, they can be taken down and put up with ease. This makes them the perfect option if you need something that is easy to move around.

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Standees as Window Displays

Standee signs can be used in a window to attract customers and entice them to enter the building. Typically standee signs are cutouts of individuals or characters related to the company. Due to this, they often connect with passersby on a more personal level.

Standees are easy to setup and position inside so they can be seen by people on the streets. As such, the standees can last for years without any sign of wear or tear. Life size standees are visually impressive and are often mistaken for real individuals. Due to this, they are well known for increasing foot traffic for any company.

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Window Decals

Window decals can be used to make the most of the marketing space that your building windows provide. They can be fitted securely onto the window on the inside or outside of the building. Due to their design, they can offer a full image from the outside and a clear view from the inside of the building. This one-way vision means that a massive marketing display doesn’t affect the work environment of an office or business. But the image is still crystal clear in quality, perfect for capturing attention.

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